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Snake Tattoos for Men

Aparna Jadhav Mar 20, 2020
Depending on the design, tattoos can either be feminine or masculine. Here, we have some snake tattoos for men. Read on and pick your favorites.
Tattoos have been a part of every culture in some or the other form. It was used, sometimes as a religious act, sometimes for identification, sometimes as a memory and more recently gained the popularity as a style statement. Among the various designs which are chosen by individuals, snake tattoos are some of the most widely picked up designs.
Even though it is known as a neutral tattoo idea, snake tattoos are more famous among men. It is because the pictorial representation of snakes are usually bloody and violet, which are not preferred by most women. Snake tattoos for men can be found in various sizes and lengths and is one of those designs which can be drawn on any part of the body.

Meaning of Snake Tattoos

Even though some tattoo designs don't have a particular meaning, as they are used only for their structural beauty, snake tattoos have both. They can be made into the best tattoos one could find and they have symbolic meanings as well.
There are different symbolic meanings to a snake in the various cultures found across the world. Some of the popular meanings are, "rebirth, fertility, balance, protection, transformation, rejuvenation and duality.
The various positions in which snakes are usually found in such as coiled, crawling, sitting, etc., also have their own respective meanings. They resemble acts of pride, protection, wisdom, and tolerance in ancient Celtic cultures.
The different types of snakes such as Cobras, pythons, vipers, etc., are used to make variations in the snake tattoos. After reading about their meanings, you can find some interesting designs for these tattoo ideas, mentioned here.

Designs for Snake Tattoos

Snake tattoos being one of the most complicated designs to be made, they are also very famous for their minute details such as scales, color differences, eyes, flesh in the mouth, sharp teeth and the forked tongues. These designs are bold and dynamic with bright colors as well as combinations with other designs.
You will find snake tattoos for arms, legs, shoulder blades, back and neck areas, wrists, chests, etc., as they can be made as versatile as desired. Here are some great snake tattoos for guys, from which you can choose from.

Snake Position Tattoos

There can be variations in the positions of the snake tattoo, such as a coiled snake, a moving or a sitting snake with held up fangs. Snakes look best with their heads up, sitting with open fangs and an open mouth. This position symbolizes protection, strength and endurance, everything that also resembles masculinity. So, very well-known with the men!
Another snake position is the coiled position, where the head is not high but the snake is ready to hunt. This position is obtained by a snake when he senses his prey close to him, and is ready to hunt it. The scales of the snake are best displayed in this position, and the tattoo can be lengthened throughout a large area.

Celtic Snake Tattoos

Tribal and Celtic designs of snakes are also a huge hit among youngsters. This is because these tattoos are very stylish and basic. They usually use a skeleton of the snake or the main structural outline of the snake's body and scales. These snake tattoos are single colored, making them look raw and masculine.
Symbols which use snakes in them can also be incorporated as Celtic tattoos. Many a time, there are combinations such as crosses, skulls, apples, branches, hearts, etc., which are used for these unique tattoos for men, to increase their density.
Celtic snake tattoos are slightly easier than the other designs as there is not much to do other than sketch out the outlines. The details in the snake can be avoided, which makes the tattoo look basic and not over done.
With these great snake tattoos for men, hope you have picked your tattoo design! If you are looking for a tattoo design that is nothing but macho, yet creative, snake tattoos are your ticket.