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Spider Tattoo Meanings and Design Ideas

Shalu Bhatti
A spider has been associated with fear, phobias, evil, traps, danger, and mystery. While it is mainly known for its negative image in the public, it does have a positive outlook as well, which is why it has been sported by many as a tattoo theme. This explains the meaning and symbolism of a spider tattoo, and gives you some awesome design ideas for the same.
"She finds an innocuous corner in which to spin her web. The longer the web takes, the more fabulous its construction. She has no need to chase. She sits quietly, her patience a consummate force; she waits for her prey to come to her on their own, and then she ensnares them, injects them with venom, rendering them unable to escape. Spiders - so needed and yet so misunderstood."
― Donna Lynn Hope
The spider has made a mark in almost all genres of knowledge. Be it mythology, folklore, religion, faith, literature, spirituality, or reality, it carries an image in each of these areas, emerging as a symbol of various interpretations. The symbolism of a spider is backed by some rich historical texts.
It can be both good and evil, depict both harmony and struggle, can highlight your independence, and portray an entrapment. Which is why, it becomes highly crucial for you to choose and ensemble the elements of your tattoo design carefully, to ensure that your specific symbolism isn't misinterpreted by others.
There are numerous ways through which you can flaunt a spider tattoo on yourself. The best part about this theme is that it looks absolutely gorgeous in literally any size and at any place.
A tiny spider tattoo on your finger or toes can be both cute and amusing, while a full-size tattoo can look quite sinister and notorious to freak those who didn't see that coming. Most of the designs seem incomplete without including a spider web tattoo that accentuates the meaning and look of the design all the more.
The further section takes you through some awesome tattoo designs along with their meaning and interpretation.

Awesome Spider Tattoo Design Ideas And Meanings

There are so many facets to the existence of a spider that together they make this creature a remarkable source of inspiration, remembrance, or a guide for our journey of life. For instance, its remarkable ability to weave a web so beautiful, that it could make anybody still in awe, symbolizes beauty and creativity.
Another interesting association that adds to its spiritual symbolism is the number 8. A spider has 8 legs―the number being a symbol of infinity, harmony, balance, and progress through struggle.This tattoo is also sported by those with a dark past, especially criminals and prisoners.
It is also a symbol that could give you the title of a hardcore racist, as a spider tattoo was worn by those who supported white supremacy, and reportedly in order to earn the right to ink this tattoo, they would have to kill a minority!
So, yeah, evaluate the implications of getting this tattoo done before you finally do, and if you have made up your mind, the following ideas will help you materialize a final design.
Black Widow Spider Tattoo
Femininity, Sexual Strength, Independence, Cunningness
The Black Widow is an infamous female who is known for killing and eating her mate after she feels that there is no use of him. Marked by the red- and/or white-colored, hourglass-shaped mark on her body, this female is independent of the need of any man, except for the time when she needs to quench her sexual thirst.
This tattoo is inked by many woman who admire the strength and courage that femininity gives them, the independence that they have without being in need of a man to fill the void in their lives, because there isn't any.
If we speak of the symbolism, a Black Widow is definitely all about feminine strength, cunningness, sexuality, and an independent, untamed personality.
Spider Web Tattoo: Struggle, Creativity, Beauty, Protection, Incarceration
As beautiful as this tattoo looks, the addition of a spider web beautifies the meaning of this design all the more. The combination highlights the individual and his life's decisions. It is symbolic of the fact that we are the weavers of the web of life, in which we eventually end up getting trapped.
This tattoo is quite commonly seen among criminals who have served a significant amount of time in prison. Therefore, it is symbolic of one's struggle during the period of incarceration. Alternately, it also signifies beauty and creativity that one possesses, in reference to the spider's ability to weave a stunning web on its own.
Spider Legs Tattoo: Balance, Perseverance, Patience, Prosperity
As mentioned earlier, the number 8 connection of the spider tattoo also makes it an ideal tattoo for those who believe in numerology. The 8 legs of a spider are symbolic of its ability to create its own haven by pulling strings from different directions. 8 is the symbol of infinity, the cycle of time, perseverance, and prosperity.
When it comes to connecting these meanings with a spider, it is reminiscent of believing in one's own hands, one's own ability to create your ideal world with patience, perseverance, and balance so that success, harmony, and progress come your way inevitably.
Tribal Spider Tattoo: Trickery, Wisdom, Treachery, Intellect
A spider has a significant portrayal in various tribes all across the globe. For instance, in Africa, this creature is symbolic of a god called Anansi, who is known for his knowledge of stories and trickery.
The Asante people of Ghana believe that this god takes spider forms and protects the people amidst oppressors through cunningness and trickery, as he has the gift of speech and wisdom.
In Native American mythology, a deity known as Grandmother Spider is believed to spin a web in the cradle of young infants to protect them from all that is bad. Hence, a tribal version of this tattoo is symbolic of protection and wisdom too.

Some More Designs

As you might have noticed, there are numerous ways in which you can make this tattoo theme as creative, unique, and customized as you wish. As the spider uses its skills to weave a spectacular web, use your spider instincts to weave a design that is worthy to be called the haven of your existence.