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Star Wrist Tattoos

Girija Shinde Mar 20, 2020
Small tattoos on the wrist look really pretty in various designs especially if they are small little patterns like stars.
Though it is centuries since the first tattoos were invented, even today, people express surprise when they see a tattoo. There are many designs and patterns that one can choose from, depending on their taste, sense of style, or choice.
Talking about the types of tattoos, there are innumerable tattoo designs and sizes. For example, there are small tattoos, medium-sized tattoos, big tattoos, etc. Under these categories, there are thousands of designs, and each one is unique.
Star tattoos on the wrist come under the category of small tattoos. The reason is obvious, the area for a tattoo is quite small on a wrist for any tattoo design. There are also various meanings associated with it. Let us take a look at them.

Meaning of a Star Tattoo

As earlier stated, various star designs have some unique star tattoo meaning. The meanings are not only based on the various designs, but also on the structure of the stars. For example, a pentagram is a star with five points, it stands for protection and balance.
Likewise, hexagram which is six point star symbolizes the bridge between humans and God, it also symbolizes the interaction between them.
Nongoram is a star pattern which stands for temporary stability and victory or achievement. These were the meanings of different star patterns. The meanings of various star designs are given here.

Nautical Star

Nautical star are quite symmetric, with sharp edges. Unlike other star tattoos, these are not empty in the center, they are completely colored, but mostly shaded.
Before getting one on the wrist, you should be aware of its different meanings. Originally, nautical star was considered as a guiding star by sailors, it is the same star which we now know as the 'North Star'.
However, in the 20th century, a different meaning of nautical star wrist tattoo came into being. It was believed commonly that nautical star tattoo on the wrist were done mostly by homosexuals.

Shooting Star

Those who wish for a fancy design and more than one star, can opt for this design. Shooting star tattoos symbolize a lost moment.
Talking about shooting star designs, a trail of shooting stars or a circle of shooting stars are some very popular designs. You can also personalize your tattoo, by writing you or your beloved's initials inside the star.

Star and Moon

The relation of star and moon is age-old. Various designs can be used for this particular type of tattoo.
For example, you could get a simple star on top of a crescent moon. Star in the center of the moon is also a unique idea. You can also use your creativity and come up with many other moon and star designs.