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Stargazer Lily Tattoos

Bhakti Satalkar Mar 11, 2020
The spectacular blooms with a color range from pure white to various shades of pink and yellow has made stargazer lily a "star" flower of the lily family in the true sense.
The deep spiritual and philosophical meanings associated with this floral celebrity has inspired tattoo aficionados to get this exotic flower design carved on their bodies and make a unique style statement.
Stargazer lily is one of the identifiable varieties of lily. It is a hybrid lily and belongs to the Oriental group of lilies. This lily was created by Leslie Woodruff in 1978. The color of stargazer lilies is bold, as the edges of the petals are usually bright white and the inner part of the petal commonly has lush pink hues and red spots.
However, it is also found in other colors. It is known to have very pretty red, yellow and pink petals. It has a fragrant perfume and are known to bloom mid-to-late summer. This variety of lily was given its name by Leslie Woodruff, because the flower blooms towards the sky.

Meaning of This Tattoo

Various cultures the world over have some meaning attached to stargazer lilies. For example, in ancient Greece, a lily flower symbolized sexuality.
It was used along with the rose flower, to ascertain if an expectant mother is carrying a boy or a girl child. White lilies are used to denote chastity and virtue. There are images of Mother Mary holding a lily in her hand, that are even imprinted on some ancient coins. It stood for Mother Mary's purity. Due to this, lilies are linked to Easter.
A white lily symbolizes purity of thought and action, along with sheer innocence. On the other hand, in the Egyptian culture a lily flower stood for fertility. In China, a lily flower was used as a lucky charm, at the same time in Feng Shui (Chinese science of Architecture), it denotes abundance.
Stargazer lilies with pink shades denote immense wealth and prosperity, while a white stargazer lily symbolizes peace and purity. It is also used to denote youthful innocence. At the same time, for a number of tattoo wearers, it also symbolizes majesty and purity due to its association with Mother Mary.
At the same time, stargazer lilies tattoos have come to be symbolized with resurrection. Some women also get a stargazer lily flower tattoo made, as they also symbolize fertility or procreation and erotic love. At the same time, there are also some, who get themselves inked with stargazer lily, as it is also an emblem of the feminine deity.
After a passage of time, the meaning of these tattoos has altered a lot. Today, they have come to symbolize a woman's sensuality, more than anything else. Hence, these days, there is growing fan following for these stargazer tattoos among girls and women.

Designs and Placement

Stargazer lily tattoos, often, have simple designs and are colorful. But there are some creative people who have also made interesting patterns and have added muted colors to them.
One of the example is that the flowers are woven together to form a Celtic knot or a heart. Using these flowers, a simple scroll work pattern can also be made. The other way of doing these tattoos is to have a bundle of flowers, either all in colors or black, white or even gray.
It is actually the creativity of the tattoo artist, along with that of the wearer, which will decide the design of this tattoo. If your idea of tattoo is not just a stargazer lily, then you can add a butterfly to the tattoo design. It can also be combined with a sun or moon and stars design, for a stargazer lily is known to bloom looking up towards the sky.
These tattoos are normally found on women's shoulder blades, necks, lower backs, arms and feet. These tattoo designs are also used to make ankle and bracelet tattoos. Some women have also gone ahead to get this design inked on their rib cage. More often than not, they have symbolically represented a western deity.
Usage of lilies as a form of body art, dates back to 1580 BC. It can also be made on the calves. An idea you may want to use is to make identical stargazer tattoos on both the calves. Stargazer tattoo on feet makes for an elegant tattoo design. If you do not want a large tattoo design, then you may decide to a get small stargazer tattoo made on your ankle.
An armband tattoo using stargazer lily design makes for a unique tattoo design. Making a stargazer along with its petals and stem on the waist is also an interesting idea for a feminine tattoo design.
Apart from the meaning associated with a stargazer lily, another reason for them to become a hot favorite is the vibrant colors of these tattoos. The vibrant colors attract instant attention. They also look almost real when they are inked on the skin. If done correctly, the tattoos look like a fresh and natural bloom of the flowers themselves.
It will take a real tattoo artist to make the tattoo look real. Before you get a permanent stargazer tattoo made, it is best to have a temporary tattoo made, so that you are sure of the design. If you want any changes be made to the tattoo design, you can accordingly instruct the tattoo artist and have a tattoo according to matching your personal taste.