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Tattoo Ideas for Kids' Names

With such significant tattoos, you can carry the name of your loved one imprinted eternally on your body. For those of you who've lost loved ones, or want to have that close connection with them, here's giving you ideas on how to go about it...
To get the name of a child inked on one's body, is a sign of deep love and affection, that supersedes other relationship bonds. There are many of us who have lost loved ones, and have always wanted a part of them to still exist. That is why even if you're thinking about getting his/her name, that would seem like a heartfelt idea.
I'd recommend this to parents who want to keep their kids close to their hearts by inking their names on, as well as to those who've lost them at some point in time. With these tattoo ideas for kids' names, I'm sure it will solidify your relationship, as well as give you peace, to have them close to you even if they aren't here anymore.
Use of Various Fonts
This seems like a fairly common way of getting a tattoo done by having your kid's name inked in. A good area to get these tattoos inked are either on your wrist, or the smooth area of your forearm just above it. You can even get them to write their names down and then have it inked.
Tattoo of Initials
Some people like it when initials can be inked on, so as to include more than one initial, or have art circling or placed around it.
The same can be done for a name, although an alphabet will give the tattoo artist more area to work on if you want extensive artwork done to encase it.
Tattoo of Portrait
If you'd like to have a tattoo artist sketch in the face of your loved one, and have their name stenciled in right under, that would seem like a very creative approach.
This would suit you best if you were to get it on your upper arm, forearm or even on the hip region. Hip tattoos are a fast catching on area of getting a tattoo done. If you're comfortable with the idea, then go ahead.

Tattoo with Date of Birth/Demise

One of the ideas can be his/her name inked next to their date of birth, to cherish that day when they were born. For those of you who've unfortunately lost loved ones, you can immortalize them on your body, by getting their name inked, and the date of passing, to keep them in remembrance always.

Tattoo in a Foreign Language

When getting tattoo lettering done of your kid's name, how about getting it done in another language? This would work well, although you need to approach this idea with caution, since the translation has to be correct. Do your research before venturing into this type of tattoo idea.
These tattoo ideas should be well thought out, since this is something you will have on you for life. Tattooing is a way of branding yourself with what matters most to you, especially when it carries a message that is inspirational or one that you are emotionally attached to. It's a way of capturing art within one's skin, and being able to tell the world what it speaks out for you.

 Naomi Sarah

Marian Kroell, Julia Giacomini