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Tattoos For Guys

Mrunmayi Deo Mar 8, 2020
Tattoos have always been nice symbolic expressions to carve on your body. Here are some tattoos for guys to flaunt. Check the latest tattoo trends, and choose for yourself.
Tattooing has been the most popular form of body art since ages, the only difference being, it is more of a fashion statement these days. It's hard to find a person who does not crave for tattoos.
But nevertheless, they look very cool, and experimenting them is even more fun. So, guys, if you are looking for some sexy and cool ideas, have a look ahead, and get yourself inked with the best.

Neck Tattoos

Neck tattooing is very rare when it comes to guys but if you choose to do one, zodiac tattoos is an excellent idea. Another option is a heart, since they symbolize the most wonderful emotion, love. Script, tribal, star, and cross are other good options. Since these are small-sized, they are best suited for neck.

Wrist Tattoos

Wrist tattoos with Tribal designs, Celtic knot work, Hawaiian designs, and stars are the common patterns for wrists. They look very spacious, and can be done in styles like wraparound, single design, words, names, or phrases.

Arm Tattoos

Arm tattoos are commonly inked by men to flaunt their biceps and triceps. The best thing about them is their versatility in suiting any personality.
The most popular designs include skulls, flames, fire breathing dragons, stinging scorpions, etc.

Sleeve Tattoo

The style quotient of men is definitely uplifted with exquisite masculine sleeve tattoos. Design options include Celtic, tribal, zodiac, traditional, and cultural symbols or pictorials.

Shoulder Tattoos

Shoulder tattoos are popular because they provide ample space to experiment. The Koi Fish tattoos which are associated with the legends of China and Japan symbolize masculinity, love, strength, courage, determination, perseverance, and luck. Other options are Nautical star, tribal, Egyptian, Celtic, Maori, Polynesian, Haida, Hawaiian, and Samoan.

Rib Cage Tattoos

Dragons, snakes, Celtic designs, tribal designs, scripted quotes and sayings are popular choices for this body part.

Back Tattoos

If you are buff, upper back tattoos are up your alley and make you look happening forever. These can be skull designs, or scripted names and phrases.

Zodiac Designs

Zodiac designs, whether scripted or represented symbolically, have always been popular.
Even though the ideas are common, they have not lost their importance. They are a preferred choice on the wrists, or neck for guys since these parts can be exposed easily and depicts one character, traits, and beliefs.

Cultural Designs

Cultural tattoos have a popular body design to depict on shoulders, arms, and back. These are ethnic tattoos depicting a person's belief in a religion or tribe.

Tribal Designs

Tribal designs, Celtic symbols, Japanese art forms, Gods, animals, Hawaiian symbols, and Cross designs are immensely popular. Choose these if you have firm belief in a phrase or religion.

Masculine Designs

So after knowing the best designs, you have a number of options to experiment with. Choose the best tattoo for your personality, and make sure you follow the after-care.