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Temporary Henna Tattoos

Pragya T
Temporary henna tattoos are fun and easy to create, you can get it done by a street artist or buy an easy to make temporary henna tattoo kit and draw a tattoo yourself...
So, what is in the henna tattoo ink? Henna tattoos are made using a flowering plant called hina or henna. The leaves of this plant are dried and made into a powder. This powder is then made into a paste by adding some lemon juice and allowed to sit overnight. This paste is then used to make tattoos.
There are two types of henna, though the powder looks the same the dye effect they produce are different. One gives an orange to reddish dye effect, while other type of henna gives a dark black dye effect. Both have been used for dyeing the hair in India.
But, in recent years the art of temporary henna tattooing has become popular in the West. Henna is a natural, fast, and safe way to get tattoos of any design and shapes. This was some general info on temporary tattoos, now let us look at the ways in which one can apply the tattoo and other tips on these tattoos.

Henna Temporary Tattoos

Generally, henna tattoos are eco-friendly and chemical-free moreover, they also look good. You can always try out a new one if you get bored with an existing tattoo.

Some Side Effects You Should Be Aware About

Before you start getting a henna tattoo drawn on your body, ask the person what are the things used to make the ink. Many people add PPD, a chemical in the henna tattoo paste/ink so that the tattoos give a dark black color. This can be very sensitive to some people and give a nasty rash.
Do a little test, and apply a dot or line and wait for it to dry and check if you are sensitive to any chemicals used in the henna. If you are allergic, then wash the area clean with soap and water and apply a lotion. People who are allergic should stick to the use of natural henna dye, which is used to make mehendi. If you are not allergic, then continue.

Ways to Apply Henna Tattoo

There are three ways to apply temporary henna tattoo designs. The first and traditional method is to make a henna paste, then fill it in cones and apply it on the body areas to create intricate designs. This method is used to create mehendi.
Or, use the henna tattoo pen which you can buy online or in beauty stores to create very detailed and intricate artwork.
The last method is to buy the temporary henna tattoo kits, which contain the different shapes of stencil transfers. All you have to do is hold the stencil on a skin area, smear the paste, remove the excess paste out, and remove the stencil. And within a minute you would have created a temporary henna tattoo.

Temporary Henna Tattoo Designs and Ideas

You can refer to pictures online and create various henna tattoo designs. You can go for some traditional Arabic or Indian mehendi designs. You can draw various floral designs.
You can draw Chinese dragons, or write your name on the nape of your neck in Chinese. Or you can draw a small heart or star on your hip.

Making Your Tattoos Last Longer

To keep your tattoo longer on your body, keep the henna paste on your body for as long as possible. However, if it contains harsh chemicals then it is wise to remove it in the recommended time. To prevent early fading, avoid frequently washing the tattooed skin area. Also, avoid using soap or any detergent on that tattooed body area.
So, buy henna powder and mix it with lemon juice, keep it overnight and then fill it in plastic cones to draw traditional mehendi designs. Or you can buy the henna tattoo pen to draw detailed intricate tattoo shapes. However, if you are not good at drawing then go for henna tattoo kits, use stencils to stick various henna tattoo shapes on your body. Enjoy!