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12 'This Too Shall Pass' Tattoo Ideas

Shalu Bhatti Mar 12, 2020
'This Too Shall Pass' is perhaps one of the most popular phrases used for tattoos. It has the ability to make someone both happy and sad at the same time. It gives hope to the troubled and instills fear in those who are delightful, for nothing in this world is permanent, and eventually, it shall pass.
Here are some amazing 'This Too Shall Pass' tattoo ideas and also throws some light on its meaning and symbolism.
... The Father knows the tears you cry before they fall.
He feels your pain, His heart and yours are one.
The Father knows that sorrow's heavy chains are strong.
But with His strength, you'll overcome.
This too shall pass
Like every night that's come before it ...
Yolanda Adams
People associate with this phrase in many ways―for some, it is religious, while the others connect with the spiritual aspect of its meaning. With time, this phrase has become a popular adage that depicts life's ephemerality in the most subtle way possible.
In simple words, what these words mean is that nothing in this life lasts forever, be it joy, sorrows, glory, or condemnation. While most of us tend to get caught in what surrounds us today, many times, failing to look past beyond our present situations, this phrase helps us realize that life is not about what is, it is about what lies ahead.
You know the most magical thing about life is that it is never stagnant; everything that constitutes life―emotions, relationships, people, feelings, environment, and trends―keeps on changing.
What may seem impossible today is another invention in the future. This tattoo quote encourages us to be patient and believe that no matter how overwhelming life may seem today, it shall eventually pass.

12 Beautiful 'This Too Shall Pass' Tattoo Designs

There are many artistic ways through which you can create a unique way of inking this phrase on yourself. You could either use just words or perhaps fuse the letters with some elegant or bold design. However, remember that the design should be something that goes well with the symbolism of this tattoo.
You wouldn't want to ink a ferocious animal design, or perhaps a superhero design with this phrase, unless your overall concept makes some logical sense. Mentioned below are some sample designs of this tattoo theme to give you a fair idea of how you could possibly go about forming a unique tattoo design.
As you might have noticed, calligraphy plays an important role in creating creative versions of this tattoo. You can also fuse in some interesting elements such as a dove, butterflies, and other birds, which only add to the temporariness of the moment. Also, keep in mind the placement of the tattoo design. Remember, you are getting it done to remind yourself that after every night, there comes a morning, and that night will follow after the sunset. Therefore, place it where you can see it every day. Even if you've chosen a location such as your back (because of the room it gives you to spread out the tattoo design), make sure that you don't forget to "watch your back!" What we must remember is that each experience of life is a teaching that paves way to moral building; morals that make you the person you are destined to be and fulfill your ultimate purpose in life. We think that this tattoo theme helps in doing the same. To remind us that no matter how hard things may seem as of now, the hardships will pass. The following section will give you some interesting stories and legend associated with this phrase.

Origin and Meaning of This Quote

This phrase is believed to have been originated in the works of Sufi poets of Persia. One popular fable associated with this phrase is that of a great king who summoned the wise men of his kingdom to work on a ring―a ring that would have the ability to make him happy when he is sad, and sad when he is happy. Hence, the wise men came up with this phrase: This Too Will Pass.
Another interesting story in reference to the origin of this adage is this: an English poet Edward FitzGerald, in the year 1852, included an unattributed version in his collection, Polonius: A Collection of Wise Saws and Modern Instances, named as Solomon's Seal. Here, he writes about a sultan who requests King Solomon to give him a sentence that would never lose its value and will stand true in every situation, be it good or bad. Hence, Solomon responded saying, "This too will pass away."
The irony of life is that we all resist change; change that is the one thing that helps us move on, evolve, and grow in life. Getting this tattoo would be a great option for those who find it difficult to see hope around them during the dark times. This tattoo can be your strength; your support during the difficult times. On the other hand, it can also be something that can help you stay grounded, which can help you value the gifts you have today. Because, be it a blessing or a curse, this too shall pass away with time.