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Tongue Piercing Care

Proper care must be taken for a tongue piercing to heal properly. The risk of infection is high, so, be wary of what you eat, rinse your mouth 5-10 times a day.
Rahul Thadani
A trend that has gained immense popularity among men and women of all ages in the recent past is body piercings. These piercings can be done to body parts like the ear, nose, eyebrow, belly, nipples, and the tongue.
Most people who are afraid of needles may wonder how this is actually possible, but for the person getting the piercing done, this is more than a fashion statement and they get a huge adrenaline rush while getting the piercing done. The pain that is accompanied with it is temporary and they can endure it in order to get the look that they desire.
Seeing someone with a tongue piercing brings out different reactions in different people. It causes a lot of pain and carries a high risk of tongue infection as well. This is a situation that can be easily avoided by given some elementary precautions.
These precautions can be carried out from home itself and are very simple and economical to adhere to. Ignoring the risks can have dire consequences for any person.

Rinse Mouth With Listerine

You must regularly rinse your mouth with Listerine many times during the day. This may cause a burning sensation and can even end up discoloring your piercing, but you must continue to do it regularly. Using alcohol to clean the piercing is not advisable. Another means to rinse your mouth or to clean the piercing is lukewarm salt water.

Do Not Touch Your Tongue

For a few weeks after getting the piercing, your tongue will be immensely swollen. Do not panic, as this is a normal occurrence. Avoid touching your tongue under any circumstances during this period. If you do end up touching your tongue, ensure that your hands are thoroughly washed with soap. The risk of infection is high, so it pays to be cautious.

Avoid Hot and Oily Food

It would be best to refrain from eating hot or oily food after getting a tongue piercing. These foods could damage the pierced area and cause you much pain and discomfort. Eat food that is soft to chew and is relatively cool and soothing. Also make it a point to eat smaller portions of food. Remember to rinse your mouth thoroughly after eating anything.
Eat food that is soft to chew and is relatively cool and soothing. Also make it a point to eat smaller portions of food. Remember to rinse your mouth thoroughly after eating anything.

Do Not Consume Alcohol or Coffee

It is highly recommended that one should avoid drinking any form of alcohol or coffee while the healing process is ongoing. This will severely slow down the healing process and cause you much discomfort. Staying away from cigarettes and other nicotine products is also important.

Visit the Doctor if Required

If the swelling does not subside even after ten days of the piercing, you must not hesitate to visit the doctor. It's possible that you may have contracted an infection, and hence, must get it checked by the doctor.

Sip Cold Water in the Morning

While you are asleep in the night, blood rushes to your head. As a result of this, your tongue will swell up more than normal right after you wake up. To cure this, you must drink or sip on ice-cold water as soon as you wake up. This will reduce the swelling to a certain extent. Eating lots of ice cream is another alternative to combat the swelling.

Do Not Play With the Jewelry

Since the tongue is swollen and very sensitive for a few days after getting the piercing done, it is advisable that you avoid playing with the piercing and moving the jewelry piece around. This will cause a lot of pain and will be a very unpleasant experience for you.
Under any circumstances, do not remove or change the jewelry before the stipulated ten days pass. Replacing it or re-fixing it will be extremely painful.
These pointers should help you take care of your tongue piercing. It is absolutely necessary that you follow these precautions as they will help you avoid a lot of unwanted discomfort.