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Tribal Phoenix Tattoo Designs

Many who are attracted to the concept of immortality get a tribal phoenix tattoo on their body to symbolize their beliefs. Read on to learn more about this body art.
Indrajit Deshmukh
A mythical bird that rose from the ashes, phoenix is a symbol of rebirth and immortality. The enigma of this bird has mesmerized people for centuries. This mythical status entices many to visit a tattoo artist and engrave their body with a tribal phoenix design.
Thousands have used body art to express themselves using their bodies as a canvas to showcase their beliefs. Tribal designs have been gaining in popularity recently with many opting to them inked on themselves. One of the popular designs is that of the tribal phoenix.
This is a good choice for a tattoo, as the design allows the use of a wide range of colors. There are many great stories associated with this mythical bird, and the most talked about is the one in which the bird rises from its ashes to live forever.
A bird with a colorful plumage and great will, the phoenix has made a mark in many ancient cultures, like the Greek, Chinese, and Persian. It is known as the fire bird, because it was believed that the bird flew to the Sun and got fire on Earth. In ancient Greek art, you can see images of the bird with fire all around.
Some even believed that it is the spirit of the Sun, and so they worshiped it. Egyptians believed in the concept of afterlife and immortality, and were fascinated with the concept of a fire bird that represented the Sun God.
The Egyptian variant of the phoenix was known as Bennu, which literally meant 'rise', and was symbolic of the rising and setting Sun. Let us take a look at some of the tribal phoenix tattoo designs.
Fire is very closely associated with the phoenix and many believed that it got fire to the earth from the sun. A design depicting this bird with fire on its claws and colorful wings symbolic of life makes for a very interesting tattoo.
Scorching Phoenix
You could add a personal touch to this design by showcasing this bird, with its fiery claws perched on a ledge or in flight across mountains. Use of bright colors, like red, orange, and yellow for the feathers and the flames can give your tattoo a unique look and feel.
A very graphic image of the phoenix rising from the flames is a great design to have on your body. It looks especially great on the upper arm and on the shoulder region. This design is symbolic of life's struggles and epitomizes the never give up attitude that everyone desires.
Rising From Flames
Long red and yellow flames at the base of the tattoo with a beautiful phoenix in blue and green plumage rising towards the sky is an awesome design. These designs adorn the bodies of many people, and if you wish to add a personal touch to this classic design, you could show the phoenix rising in the backdrop of mountains or gray clouds.
One of the most widely used designs is the phoenix with its wings spread wide in flight. You could let the tattoo artist have a free rein with the wings to inculcate intricate shapes for wings.
Wide Wing Span
These designs can be used with great flexibility, as you can have many color combination's for the wings. Some even like to use black shading to give the wings more density and depth.
A variation that can give this design a personal connection is to have a long flowing tail for the bird. According to the Greek mythology, phoenix is a fire bird, so they used gold and scarlet colors to depict the bird.
Phoenix tattoos are finding their way onto the bodies of many people, mostly because the bird is symbolic of hope and strength. This tattoo is so popular that stars of the famous girl band 'Spice Girls' Melanie C and Melanie Brown have it on their back and shoulders.