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Tribal Sun Tattoo Design

If the sun's design has fascinated you as far as tattoos go, then you are not the only one with a penchant for such forms. Let's see what makes tribal sun tattoo designs so haute.
Kashmira Lad
The art of creating and designing tribal tattoo designs has been handed down to us by our ancestors. It has a rich source of popular forms such as dragons, butterflies, flames, hearts, scorpions, etc., but the one that is most often requested is the tribal sun tattoo and not necessarily in its traditional form. These have been modified to suit modern tastes.
The ancient days saw the tattoos being used to mark a particular person as a member of a certain tribe. Today, tribal tattoo art is used to make a fashion statement and also at times, to show that they 'belong' to a particular group. Most tattoo enthusiasts swear by the beauty of this design.
These designs have gained popularity for their aesthetics as well as the meaning they portray. The sun has enchanted our ancestors for various reasons.
Most mythologies have a reference in context to the sun as well. It is the cause for dawn and dusk and is also a powerful source of energy. For the Asians, the Japanese, and the Hindus, it holds a prominent position even in the ancient scriptures.
In Europe, various cultures worshiped it in their own way. The Norse worshiped Freyr, who is the God of both, the sun as well as the rain. In parts of Western Africa, people lived under the rule of Liza.
He was the African God who was associated with the sun. Liza was always thought to be a fierce male deity. He was always shown grouped together with Mawu (the Moon), who was supposedly his faithful partner.
The Aztecs worshiped the sun-god Huitzilopochtil. For the Native Americans of North America sun was guardian of the day, worshiped for strength and energy it produced in the day.
Therefore, since ancient times, this design has been adorned as an honor for the deity. Tribal sun tattoos are known to symbolize a kind of partnership between life and the sun.
In this modern world, sporting tribal sun tattoos does not always mean the person uses it, to worship the sun. They are worn for their visual appeal and form. Tattoo artists can bring amazing variations to the basic sun form with the use of colors and styles.
These tattoos are known to have different meanings, and each depends largely on the patterns. Some of them can have a fun and freaky element, whereas some can symbolize anger or strength.
The sun symbolizes power, dignity, truth, strength, leadership, force, creativity. These are used as the Celtic sun, eye of the Horus sun, sun with moon and stars, tribal sun, Aztec sun, etc.
When you are going in for a tribal sun design, choose one that matches your personality and flaunt the same on your arm, legs, chest, belly button (the sun looks fab around the belly button), back, or even your waist. Combine them with other forms and add variation to the design. Flaunt your tattoo and watch the others turn green with envy!