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Tulip Tattoo Meaning and Designs

Buzzle Staff
Delicate and beautiful, tulips are colorful flowers that know how to attract attention, and be a star in a subtle yet striking way. Just like you! Flaunt this gorgeous flower in the form of a tattoo and flaunt your personality!


Gifting someone a yellow or red tulip is like declaring your love for that person. But flowers die, right? So to make it last forever (and hopefully your love too), get a tulip tattoo for your loved one.
"The tulip's petals shine in dew, All beautiful, but none alike."
― James Montgomery
All flowers are beautiful, and yet so different. Plus, every flower has a different significance, which again differs in different cultures and places. Tulips stand out. With their showy petals and exhilarating colors, they can attract you easily.

But they aren't just pretty flowers, they have got some beautiful meaning and symbolism as well. This makes them perfect for tattoos. There's literally no dearth of design ideas and you can go for abstract ones as well.


  • Determination
  • Ambition
  • True Love
  • Passion
  • Abundance
  • Indulgence
Tulips are strongly associated with abundance and wealth. Of course, the symbolism of the tattoo will change if you add other elements to it.

Tulips are also the zodiac flowers for Aries or the month of April. It just simply means that the flower shares some traits with people born in that month. You can get a tulip tattoo if you are born in April.
Flower tattoos are more popular with women, but even men can tweak them a little, include some other elements, or text according to their liking. Tribal tulip tattoos are a great option for men.
Here are some beautiful tattoo ideas for you. Have a look, and don't forget to check the additional design ideas given at the end.

Tulip Tattoo Ideas

The beauty of a flower tattoo is in its versatility; you can get it done anywhere, literally! From small demure flowers to big bold abstract patterns, there's no dearth of options for you. Tulips are very colorful flowers, so it is preferable to get a nice colorful tattoo.
A beautiful quote, someone special's name, your life motto, or any catchy phrase will complement the design. You can get it on your wrist, ankle, calf, feet, neck, below the ear, lower back, or even waist. So let loose your imagination, take some ideas from this post, and get a dazzling tulip tattoo.

Watercolor Tulip Tattoos

Watercolor tattoos are the latest rage. Designs with natural elements look absolutely stunning in watercolors. Here are some artistic designs of tulips you are sure to love. Do remember to get these done from an experienced tattoo artist, as they are not easy to make.

Some more options for you

If you want to get a single flower or a slightly arty tattoo, here are a few options. You can even get a geometrical tulip tattoo for a more funky and unconventional look.
We hope you got your much-needed inspiration. Since tattoos are very personal, do take your time, tweak some designs, play with colors, and enjoy the entire process! Happy tattooing!