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Upper Arm Tattoos

Thinking of getting a tattoo on your upper arm and can't decide what to go in for? Read through this following story  for some of the best choices that can be made in this direction.
"Tattoos...are the stories in your heart, written on your skin."

― Charles de Lint
Many men and women are now opting for the upper arm as their favorite spot to etch a tattoo on. Tattoos etched on the upper arm have a unique appeal about them. The reason being their placement. 
The upper arm is an area so strategically rich, so rife with possibilities, that anything and everything that you want etched, can not only be done easily, but the design can look really good too.
For one, the area offers multiple choices―the tattoo just cannot be missed, and two, the area that it offers to work with is sufficiently abundant, opening up possibilities for several types of tattoos.
The tattoo can either be a large one that covers the whole arm, or a small delicate one that takes up only a small area. The tattoo could have only a dash of color, or it could be as vibrant as a rainbow―in short, anything and everything goes.

The Varied Designs

Flower Designs

Flower tattoos, people might argue, are only meant for girls. Not true. Guys can carry through flower designs with great elan and machismo. Don't believe us? Take a look at how effortlessly the lotus tattoo sits on the young man's well-toned biceps. 
Flower tattoos can take the form of simple, delicate, feminine designs, or they can be a great way to experiment with something more layered, more meta. And if a lone flower is not your thing, add elements to it, like birds or vines.

Animal Designs

Oh the things one can do with this tattoo idea are brilliant. Go with a larger-than-life image of an animal made up in a 3D format, add color to it, and let it speak for itself; or use a simple design like the horses shown below. You could also use an animation of an animal that you love―a favorite cartoon character, perhaps?

Geometric Designs

Hadn't really thought of this one, had you? Geometric designs offer for some of the most engaging and thrilling designs that owe their success to the symmetry. Choose a simple geometrical motif, or something that is more intricate, like the tattoo that starts from the shoulder and stretches all through the length of the arm.

Simple Designs

The simple designs are just so many, you will definitely be spoiled for choice. Go with anything from a name or phrase to a religious symbol that is not busy or intricate and does what it has set out to do in the most simple and straightforward manner.

Intricate Designs

Now is the time to get all the creative juices oozing and letting your upper arm become a canvas to all those hidden designs you've always wanted. Make a collage of all that you want to get, add lots and lots of elements and color to it, have a portrait done up... the choices are limitless, and the possibilities boundless. An intricate tattoo demands a lot of attention, so make sure that you're doing justice to it by allowing it to span over a larger area.

Goth Designs

Anything that combines elements of seemingly innocent concepts and turns them into a complicated concept that makes you think, is a great choice for goth designs.
Draw inspiration from these designs shown above and you will know exactly what we are talking about. It makes you view the most mundane things in a whole new light and that is the beauty of it. Of course, the fact that the upper arm has so much area to offer is definitely a bonus.

Miscellaneous Designs

And this is where, ladies and gentlemen, we can simply choose what we please and have it etched. May it be the mundane, simple designs as shown in the images above, or a choice between Celtic tattoos or tribal tattoos. Many people are especially in favor of zodiac signs or heart designs.
Tattoos have a history behind them, a meaning that could be both, universal and yet very personal, which is what adds to them being one of the best style statements. They are, after all, beacons of the personality and characteristics of the tattoo wearer. What more could one want?

 Mayuri Kulkarni

Jouwen Wang, JJ Jordan, Gervyn Louis