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Wrist Piercing

Kalpana Kumari

Wrist piercing is the latest rage in body piercing. This story explains the procedure of getting the piercing and some tips on aftercare.
Wrist piercing is a type of body piercing which is done through the surface of the wrist. It belongs to the category of surface piercing. The jewelry is placed in the part of the body which constantly moves, gets caught on clothing, and gets irritated easily; this increases the rate of rejection and migration of the surface piercing.
You need to use a special type of jewelry to minimize the possibility of rejection and migration. Surface bars and barbells can be used for this kind of piercing. They are mostly made of flexible materials like teflon, and thus can be used for quite a long period of time.
Jewelry which is made of titanium and devoid of nickel is recommended for the initial usage as it does not irritate the skin surrounding the area.


Take a piercing table and place your hand on it. Remove the hair from the skin where you wish to have the piercing; use proper shaving tools for hair removal. Clean the area with an antibacterial soap or a disinfectant.
Good hygiene is very important as many veins and arteries pass through the wrist. Take a skin clamp and grab the wrist with it. Pinch the skin and grab the excess slack, this will make the procedure a little less painful and a lot easier.
Mark the spot on each side of the clamped skin. Make sure that the dots are marked equally on each side. With the skin clamp on, puncture the skin with a sterilized needle. Insert the jewelry into the pierced skin.
You may make the jewelry insertion task even easier by simply attaching the jewelry to the back of the needle. Many people prefer to use a barbell. Cap the barbell on one side with the screw on balls. Again disinfect the area, and cover it with a bandage to protect it from germs and water.


After a couple of weeks, the edges of the bandage start curling up. This is the time when you need to take the bandage off. The wound is still in the healing phase. Keeping your wrist in the proper conditions will accelerate the healing process. You need to keep the pierced skin dry and clean.
You should clean the area with a high quality antiseptic soap at least twice a day. Soak the pierced region in a lukewarm salt solution for about 3 minutes everyday. The heat from the solution will improve blood flow to that region.
This will in turn provide the area with much-needed nutrition. In other words, warm salt water will speed up the process of healing. You should also eat healthy to heal the wound faster.
You can find places that pierce the wrists in shopping malls and tattoo shops. Microdermal wrist piercing is also possible. It is always safe to get the piercing done by a professional. The cost differs from place to place. It also depends on the experience of the professional to a great extent.
Therefore, collect all possible information on piercing parlors in your locality. Go to a professional who is experienced. Follow all the instructions and suggestions for aftercare to heal the wound faster. This particular type of body piercing is the latest rage, and is becoming very popular.